Introduction to Eating Elevated with Ellie

Hi I’m Ellie Anderson, the registered dietitian here at Healing Moments Counseling. I am a born and raised Minnesota Girl. I attained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota in Nutrition and Dietetics and did my internship through Aramark at Maple Grove and North Memorial Hospital. I am a mom of two and have seen and felt what the power of what whole food and quality diet can do for a body. 

My journey with food and nutrition started in 10th grade when, for health class, I had to do a project related to family health history. In looking at my heritage, I realized I was susceptible to so many preventable diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, and the list goes on (and we only had to go back generations (!!)).  It was then that I realized that I had to take my health into my own hands. Now, I will say my journey has taken a few detours; when losing weight in high school and the start of college, I took an unhealthy and restrictive approach. As my path took me from pre-dental schooling to dietetics, I realized that my approach to my body and the way I ate was not out of love and nourishment but of a negative mindset. In realizing how amazing my body is, how much it does for me, and what a temple God has blessed us all with to house our soul, I began to love my body and want to nourish in the best possible way.

Functional nutrition became the focal point of my studies and interest. Leaning the effect of the toxins in our environment on our body and it’s mechanisms has bought me full circle to preventive nutrition. If we can find a way to nourish our body, heal our gut and maintain it’s microflora - it is amazing how well our body and brain can work. Eating a diet rich in quality foods such as fresh fruits, crisp vegetables, an abundance of healthy fats and high biological proteins from safe sources can allow for the inflammation in the body to decrease, the disease states to be smoldered and for many to feel better than they have in years. Nutrition therapy does not just benefit a client in the here and now, but well into the future, as providing the body with solid building blocks and fuel can help swing epigenetics in you favor and switch off some of those less desirable genes that can lead to diseases in the future.

But that is a topic for another day :)


I look forward to sharing more with you on integrative and functional nutrition from week to week and was happy to share with you a little bit about me.